The career in our Firm usually starts even before obtaining the law degree, where advanced students incorporate within the leased internship program which is carried out both at the Information and Training Center (“CI”, because of its Spanish name) and in the various practice areas of the Firm (Interns, Paralegals and Attorneys).

After obtaining the law degree, the career in the Firm comprises four categories before reaching the status of Partner: Junior, Intermediate, Semisenior and Senior.

During the permanence in each category, lawyers must acquire and develop certain skills which are previously set as objectives of that particular category and which are of public knowledge. Their completion on a consistent basis allows the promotion to the next category. Additionally, within each category there are subcategories which reflect the degree of progress in meeting the objectives of each category.

Progress in each category does not depend on age or antiquity in the Firm. It entirely depends on the consistent compliance of each stage’s required skills.