Bruchou provides comprehensive labor law and social security services both to our regular corporate and banking clients and to other clients who seek our specialized expertise.

The Labor Law and Social Security department has a great and extensive experience:

  • Representing employers in extrajudicial and judicial claims and litigations concerning labor and employment matters in all the jurisdictions of Argentina;
  • Representing employers in all claims and procedures before the Labor Ministry;
  • Representing and advising employers on Social Security matters;
  • Advising on situations concerning particular employees and on general compliance with increasingly complex domestic and foreign employment laws;
  • Daily assistance to Human Resources Areas of the companies;
  • Advising on how to avoid claims by carrying out workforce changes appropriately;
  • Representing and assisting clients in their matters before government entities, trade and labor unions;
  • Representing and assisting clients in collective conflicts, dealing with unions in case of force measures, strikes, etc.;
  • Representing employers before Chambers of the business activity;
  • Advising and representing in collective bargaining and agreements;
  • Advising on labor and employment matters that are part of all sort of due diligence efforts;
  • Advising on occupational safety and health matters;
  • Advising on restructuring and reengineering of labor forces.