For more than a decade, since the reestablishment of the FX regime in Argentina in 2002, Bruchou has played a fundamental role in the field of foreign exchange laws and regulations, providing its roster of clients with integral advice, not only in connection with the general applicability of the regime and the interpretation of the myriad rules, but also as defense counsel in connection with many of the most relevant summary criminal proceedings commenced by the Argentine Central Bank against Argentine companies.

In that context, Bruchou’s practice has covered, among others, the following aspects:

(i) Advice in the design and implementation of sophisticated, creative and viable alternatives for cross-border investments.

(ii) Structuring advice for economically efficient products within a complex, dynamic and extensive regulatory framework.

(iii) Advice to blue-chip companies in order to assist them in the creation of legal structures and preventive schemes in order to successfully navigate the risks related to their business vis-à-vis the FX regime, proposing precise and practical solutions.

As regards our experience in connection with summary criminal proceedings commenced by the Argentine Central Bank, financial entities and many other Argentine companies (or subsidiaries or affiliates of international companies) belonging to all sectors of the economy (oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical, agricultural and telecommunication services, among others) have chosen Bruchou as their counsel, with outstanding results. Among the examples of a successful defense, we represented Bank of America, in a case now cited by jurisprudence and legal scholars as a leading case in the subject.

Our unparalleled FX team is formed by attorneys with solid and ample experience on both FX regulations and international trade. This extensive experience, coupled with our commitment to up-to-date professional development, has positioned Bruchou to the fore of the Argentine market when it comes to this subject.