The members of Bruchou’s Companies Law & Corporate Governance department understand the present commercial and financial dynamics and, therefore, develop solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs.

The team provides advice on matters related to:
  • The design of efficient legal structures to streamline foreign investments, reorganizations, starts up, extra-statutory agreements, liquidation processes, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and commercial agreements, among others;
  • The organization of corporate structures to support complex operations in short terms in coordination with tax and exchange’s areas;
  • The compliance with corporate rules applicable to local as well as foreign companies, and the permanent interaction before the controller corporate agencies (including the General Inspection of Corporations, the Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina).
  • The drafting of complex legal opinions related to corporate and general commercial issues;
  • The identification and prevention at each stage, with our judicial area, of those conflicts between partners and/or corporate managers, of the more efficient factual and legal strategy, within the intra-corporate area as well as the administrative and judicial levels.
  • The attendance at general shareholders’ and board of directors’ meetings as representatives and legal advisors, either giving ordinary advice or in the context of corporate conflicts;
  • The permanent advice to board of directors’ members and statutory supervisors (syndics) related to the liability regime applicable to their respective duties and, together with our administrative area, the defense to administrative proceedings initiated by the administrative authorities.
  • The assistance on the organization and management of family companies, for the purpose of preventing corporate conflicts at the transitions of generation and in the development of companies’ protocol.
  • The permanent advice to local and foreign companies related to the day-to-day business, acting jointly with their in-house advisors.

The Companies Law & Corporate Governance team is constantly updated on the latest legislative, regulatory, doctrinal and case-law corporate trends, either domestic or international. Furthermore, and as an active member of the Corporations Chamber (Cámara de Sociedades Anónimas), our team plays a major role in the analysis of corporate legal matters at an institutional level.