The assistance that the Administrative and Regulatory Law department provides to its clients is a clear expression of Bruchou’s full-service capacity, since it provides a comprehensive approach to public law, which is essential in times of material legal and economic changes, such as those Argentina has been experiencing during the last years. This is the main reason why the Administrative and Regulatory Law department’s work has a great added value: it provides each client with a realistic solution to meet their particular needs.

Bruchou’s Administrative and Regulatory Law department has a distinctive capacity that entails great prestige and at the same time sets out the team apart from the competitors, since it blends a solid technical knowledge and a vast experience in the different aspects of public law. In addition, their members have a wide variety of backgrounds including different law fields, what enriches their professional vision.

The Administrative and Regulatory Law department provides assistance to many domestic and international companies from a broad variety of business areas including providers of privatized public utilities, public contractors, regulation companies, financial entities, credit agencies and other parties involved in matters related with the Government at federal, provincial or municipal levels. In this sense, it cooperates with its clients in bidding processes, it participates in the negotiation of contracts governed by the public law. It also advises companies which are subject to regulatory rules and it provides assistance to investors interested in introducing themselves in regulated markets.

This area also provides assistance to its clients in the regulatory aspects regarding the habitual development of their activities, providing solutions to problems and collaborating in the search of options in order to take immediate, efficient and accurate corporative decisions. Therefore, the team has developed a vast experience in tackling problems in markets such as electric energy, gas and oil, telecommunications, radio broadcasting, water and sewage services, transportation and infrastructure projects, among others.

In addition, the Administrative and Regulatory Law department has experience in litigation regarding all matters related to its area of practice, what includes the legal assistance in administrative proceedings in many jurisdictions, through claim submission and administrative proceedings in different matters, as well as in judicial procedures, in administrative and constitutional matters (action for the protection of constitutional rights (“acción de amparo”), declarative actions, ordinary processes and injunctions). It also has knowledge and broad and deep experience in arbitration matters under ICSID, ICC and LCIA rules.

Together with Bruchou’s Banking and Capital Markets department, the Administrative and Regulatory Law department leads the practice of Exchange Criminal Law and it collaborates with the Corporate department in matters related to Competence Defense regarding Public Law.